Waverly worship connects us to self, neighbor, and God.  We’re each on a spiritual journey, and worship is a time to get connected to the journey.  During COVID-19 times, you will find our service on Facebook, broadcasting live on Sunday morning.

Our service is simple and pretty relaxed.  We don’t do a lot of pomp and circumstance. Our lead pastor, Sara, often wears birkenstocks and jeans.  Our toddlers spin in circles while the choir sings or our older children play in the back in our kid-friendly art space.  

We laugh, sing, pray, and tell stories.  

Our first Sundays are a little different.  We host an intergenerational communion service where all ages reflect together on a bible story, and children help with readings and prayers. At the end of the service we gather in a circle for prayer and communion. 

Communion is an ancient ritual practiced by Christians for over 2,000 years.  We host an open table. Jesus made no distinctions at his table, and neither do we.  Everyone is welcome to receive communion or to request a blessing instead (our table includes gluten free bread, wine, and grape juice).

Our service lasts about an hour and we hang out afterwards drinking coffee and having snacks downstairs. 

We are ADA accessible and we have childcare for kids 5-under! (exclamation point for anyone who parents young kids).  Our older kids stay in worship for about 15 minutes and then join our teacher in the downstairs classroom for faith stories and art exploration.